The Research Network QRM

The QRM research network is aligned with the QRM research school in that both the research school and the network share the same aim of building competence in the field of quantitative educational research. The network is also managed by the same steering group and participants in the QRM research school are welcome to participate in the QRM network activities.

The network is however also operating on its own platform, with the ambition of building long-term relations between Swedish and international researchers within the field, facilitating exchange of ideas between researchers on different levels in their careers, stimulating research on available large-scale educational data, and creating opportunities for researchers to meet and collaborate.

The network is open to researchers, doctorate students and others with an interest in quantitative educational research (see Member page), membership is free of charge and without obligations. Members are welcome to participate in QRM network activities such as the annual QRM conference and workshops organized by QRM. Membership in the QRM network also means an opportunity to reach out to the international community as the network is linked to other international networks in the field, will be represented at international conferences etc.