The Research School

Quantitative methodology has developed greatly in the past 30 years, and today is methodological competence in advanced statistical methods a prerequisite for successfully addressing many educational issues.

During the same past 30 years, a large portion of educational researchers have chosen to turn their back to this development in favor of qualitative methods. In Sweden, quantitative methodological knowledge has disappeared in many educational institutions. QRM wants to contribute to the rebuilding of this competence, through a research school and a research network.

The QRM Research School Project is funded by the Swedish Research Council and runs for four years 2018-2021. During these four years, a range of courses, basic as well as specialized, will offered to PhD students, post docs and also senior researchers who are interested in professional development.

The research school is managed by a steering group with senior researchers from Gothenburg University and Umeå University:

Professor Monica Rosén, Gothenburg University (Coordinator)
Associate professor
Christina Wikström, Umeå University (vice coordinator)
Associate professor
Hanna Eklöf, Umeå University
Professor Jan-Eric Gustafsson, Gothenburg University
Professor Kajsa Yang Hansen, Gothenburg University

Professor Bert Jonsson, Umeå University
Magnus Wikström, Umeå University
Professor Ulrika Wolff, Gothenburg University

For more information about the research school, the course schedule and how to sign up for courses, go to